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Sovereign Collective Saves More Than 320 Hours Monthly and Grows GMV with Cortina

November 16, 2022
“I feel like I have 2–3 full-time hires from Cortina. The customer service is excellent and they have taught me things that can improve my business in the long run. It’s been an amazing experience."

Molly Hanten - Founder at Sovereign Collective


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The Company

A curation of the world’s best creators and brands, Sovereign Collective aims to recreate the experience of “travel shopping” but entirely online, introducing customers to artisan brands from around the globe.

The Challenge

Sovereign Collective currently showcases 20 different cities, with plans to showcase more, but finding a way to source products from the best brands in each city is challenging when it comes to buying and merchandising, requiring a lot of time, capital, and risk.

The Solution

After attempting several approaches internally, the decision was made to seek external advice. Multiple vendors were evaluated, but ultimately Sovereign Collective put their trust in Cortina’s team of retail experts to facilitate a multi-brand marketplace with a limitless number of partners, agnostic to all e-commerce and back-end technologies, enabling their business to connect with any brand, whether located in Marrakesh, New York, Antigua, or anywhere else. Additionally, the Cortina platform connects real-time inventory, pricing, product descriptions, and images to Sovereign Collective, while allowing their staff the flexibility to completely control and manage the experience.

The Real Impact

"Time and money have been saved. We were looking for a way to onboard brands in an easy way. Our previous setup was long and tedious for the brands and for us. We needed to make it easy for them to join and Cortina did that.
More than 70% of all our sales are now done through Cortina-integrated products from the marketplace!”

Molly Hanten - Founder at Sovereign Collective

Cortina is the only platform built by retailers, for retailers

Your Business First — Cortina gives retailers total control over negotiations with their supplying partners and with options for merchandising products on their websites.
Platform Agnostic — Cortina connects with all critical elements of both you and your partners’ tech stacks.
Dead Simple — Cortina operates in the background keeping product images, descriptions, pricing, inventory, payments, and returns all in line. The easiest solution to setup and use for the fastest time to value.
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