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Krewe Du Q Reaches New Audiences With Cortina

November 17, 2022
“This has changed our business entirely, forever. It feels like the PO retailer process is becoming outdated but Cortina is the future.”

Sophia Quirch, Co-Founder

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New Audiences

Krewe du Q is a women's swimwear line created for those seeking adventure and looking beautiful doing so. Known for its feminine and flirty styles, it is the perfect unique addition to any women's closet. Collections are sold both online and in select retail stores. 

One of the largest challenges that the company faced was that its collections would quickly get stagnant after an initial hype period. They were also sending products to retailers without any assurance that the stores could sell its inventory.

They needed more markets to launch products in, and more opportunities to drive sales without tying up inventory.

Cortina provided a network of retailers for the company to drive reach and grow revenue for each new collection. Since joining the Cortina platform, Krewe has been able to increase sales while taking on lower risk than with their previous strategy. 

“It is so streamlined and easy to use. Cortina truly simplifies the process of managing inventory.”

With Cortina, the women’s swimwear company no longer has to send out inventory without the promise of a sale. Instead, they can offer their products to many different retailers without risking a dime. 

Cortina also opened up new market segments. Krewe du Q had primarily sold to a 20-somethings audience - and found that their new partners enabled them to reach an older demographic, opening new possibilities for the company. This has given them the opportunity to drive sales of collections that didn’t resonate with a younger market, but were a good fit for their new customers.

In fact, 70% of Krewe du Q’s sales are now taking place online through Cortina and their own website. Their new retail partners are providing a steady stream of new customers and orders.

Krewe du Q has seen momentum in their initial results, and they don’t see any sign of it letting up. They can now utilize past collections and test more without the costs of unneeded inventory. Cortina has changed the way they do business forever. 

Cortina is the only platform built by retailers, for retailers

Your Business First — Cortina gives retailers total control over negotiations with their supplying partners and with options for merchandising products on their websites.
Platform Agnostic — Cortina connects with all critical elements of both you and your partners’ tech stacks.
Dead Simple — Cortina operates in the background keeping product images, descriptions, pricing, inventory, payments, and returns all in line. The easiest solution to setup and use for the fastest time to value.
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