eCommerce Marketplaces and Suppliers

Published on:
May 16, 2022

Since 2020, due to Covid-19 and the massive increase in time spent at home with little to do other than play games, bake banana bread, and browse the internet, new online retailers and eCommerce companies have created a boom in the software industry. With that has come the introduction of more orchestration software, like Cortina, making the process of building and running these sites to be much more feasible with the opportunity for revenue to exponentially exceed the time and resources spent for upkeep and management.

The introduction of these orchestration layers have allowed third-party companies to make the integration process between a Supplier and a Marketplace more seamless. Cortina is an example of these third-party eCommerce Enablement softwares, which prior to existence required a great deal of manual work on both the backend and frontend of these sites in order to offer an array of products from multiple sources. Now, with these orchestration layers being an option, integration and upkeep is seamless and can easily be managed within a few clicks of a button.

From product exposure to availability to import, inventory and pricing syncs, and order fulfillment, Cortina is the in-between of the Marketplace and the Supplier that passes along this information instantly, reducing the headache of the tedious manual work and room for human error that would otherwise have to be accounted for.

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Afton Macejkovic
Afton Macejkovic