Cortina Raises $6 Million in Seed Round.

Published on:
May 16, 2022

Around a year ago today the (seed) for Cortina had been planted. It had started as an internal resource for a single eCommerce company, CoEdition, but it quickly became apparent that the scope of the platform was rapidly growing beyond use by just one marketplace.

The beauty of this vigorous custom platform is in its simplicity! When explaining to peers in the industry that they developed the Cortina platform to allow their own marketplace to sell more, make more, and risk less, the demand for Cortina skyrocketed! It was this ‘a-ha’ moment that the team pivoted their focus. Perfectly summed up by Co-Founder and CEO, Keith George, Cortina was “…built by retailers, for retailers.”

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Beatrice Luettgen
Beatrice Luettgen